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JTFN Virtual Summit 2021

March 17, 2021
to March 18, 2021





About the JTFN Virtual Summit 2021

The JTFN Summit, March 17-18, 2021 is back and this year we are going VIRTUAL! Our new JTFN Virtual Summit is our flagship conference experience and you are in for an incredible journey! 

The JTFN Virtual Summit is our conference for Jewish youth educators, lay leaders and Jewish organizational professionals who work to engage the next generation of changemakers. This year our conference will be virtual, taking place on March 17-18, 2021. It will include specially-designed sessions for leaders of Jewish youth philanthropy programs, as well as for Jewish educators, professionals, and lay leaders in the field and beyond. There will also be a focus this year on online methodologies, community-building and connection. 

Registration includes access to all workshops, technology platforms, cohort experiences, and a curated event box of premium quality tools, resources and treats to enhance your experience.

We will network, learn from one another, innovate, share resources, and grow our knowledge in Jewish youth philanthropy.

Any questions? Contact Danielle Segal, Senior Program Manager, JTFN.

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Schedule subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to daylight savings, Israel is +6 hours from Eastern Time during this week.

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Navigating Our New Educational Reality
Lauren Belferder, Temple Sinai of Roslyn
Debra Sagan Massey, Jewish LearningWorks
Interactive workshop to explore the challenges and the gifts that this unique time continues to offer us. Examine different methods of hybrid (in-person and online combination) programming, understand what “Covid-Keepers” to carry forward in your work and help create your own personal decision structure for preparing for the grey space in our new reality.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein, Jewish Federations of North America
A conversation on social equity and inclusion, charitable giving, race, Jewish tradition and the Jews with Rabbi Isaiah Joseph Rothstein.

Global Giving.
Amy Weiss, OLAM
How to embark on global giving and consider how might we give ethically and effectively when funding around the world.

Resilience and Mental Health.
Pamela Schuller, Here.Now.
Learn from the experts at Here.Now. about how we can help our teens be comfortable in their own identity, understand mental health, and promote resilience.

Teens Becoming Their Best Selves.
Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke, The Mussar Institute
Using the insightful methodology of the Jewish spiritual practice of Mussar, help teens to assess their own social, emotional, and spiritual inner life, and to become more in control of their own reactions in spite of the challenges and choices they are facing.

Youth Philanthropy 101.
Alana Hollander, Jewish Teen Funders Network
From big-picture goals all the way to the nitty-gritty: best practices, curriculum framework, community buy-in, tips, tricks, and concrete examples – a great starting point as you start a new program.

Accessibility and Participation in Youth Philanthropy. 
Sandy Gold, Gateways
Leah Goldstein, Jewish Teen Foundations of Greater Boston
How to incorporate inclusion of all participants into your program, learn from our friends at Gateways who are pioneering inclusion-based programs in Boston. 

Tainted Money.
Yitzhak Bronstein, Maimonides Moot Court
Experience the unique methodology of Maimonides Moot Court and see how this debating structure can enhance your program. We will be examining the notion of money donated from a tainted source  – should we accept it? Let’s explore together!

Innovating Traditional Jewish Text Online.
Danielle Segal, Jewish Teen Funders Network
Fill your toolkit with tangible activities and varying methodologies for using traditional Jewish text in a non-traditional way while facilitation an online program.

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Site Visits

Online Volunteering.
Miranda Rosenblum, Repair The World
Be involved in a genuine online volunteer opportunity with our friends at Repair The World, and peel back the curtain to explore how this can be incorporated into your philanthropy program.

Museum Tour: ANU - Museum of the Jewish People , Tel Aviv.
Yael Rosen, Anu - Museum of the Jewish People
Experience this virtual tour with state-of-the-art displays, immersive video, world-class art and new works in the new three floors of ANU -  Museum of the Jewish People, encompassing Jews around the world today, historical journeys and foundations of Jewish life.

A Visit To Berlin.
Lee Evans, Berling&Beyond
Join for a visit to downtown Berlin! Through the memorials, we will discuss Germany’s memorial culture and the patronage of this historical memory. You’ll also get an insider’s look at the technology and logistics of the developing technology of virtual site visits.

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Who is the JTFN Virtual Summit for?
The JTFN Virtual Summit is specially-designed with sessions for leaders of Jewish youth philanthropy programs, as well as for Jewish educators, professionals and lay leaders from the wider field of Jewish youth programming and engagement. 

How much is the JTFN Virtual Summit?
The JTFN Virtual Summit is $118 per participant. This includes access to all workshops, technology platforms, cohort experiences, and a curated event box of premium quality tools, resources and treats to enhance your experience. Speak to us about special rates if your organization wants to send 3 or more people. 

What online platforms will be used during the JTFN Virtual Summit?
We will be using Zoom for workshops, and other fully interactive platforms for the opening event, closing party and the interactive Shuk (market place). We also have more tricks up our sleeve so that you don't need to worry about which platform to use when - you will have one link for everything!

Will you be sending out any resources prior to the JTFN Virtual Summit?
Yes we will... and you won't be disappointed! We will be sending you a curated box of premium quality tools, resources and treats to enhance your experience. Please confirm your correct mailing address when you register to ensure we send your box to the correct location.

Can I just come to one workshop?
The full impact of the JTFN Virtual Summit will be felt by attending all elements of the conference, however we understand that might not be possible. We would love for you to join is for however long you can, however, we are unable to pro-rate the time you are with us. please contact us with any specific concerns.

I don't have a youth philanthropy program. Can I still attend?
Absolutely! The JTFN Virtual Summit is for educators, lay leaders and Jewish organizational professionals of all kinds who are interesting in building the next generation of changemakers.

Is the JTFN Virtual Summit part of the JFN Conference?
The JTFN Virtual Summit is not part of the JFN Conference. However both JFN and JTFN work to develop and support the field of Jewish philanthropy. For more information about the JFN Conference, visit 

When can I choose my workshops for the JTFN Virtual Summit?
Workshops and speakers will be announced here  – check back often for updates! Sign-ups for Workshops and Site Visits will be available the first week of March.

Can my organization become a Sponsor of the JTFN Virtual Summit?
Yes! We have different levels of sponsorship available. Please contact JTFN Executive Director, Wayne Green, and we would be happy to discuss.

Is there a dress code for the JTFN Virtual Summit?
Nope! Whatever you feel comfortable in. The JTFN staff will probably be in sweatpants!

What if I need financial assistance to attend the JTFN Virtual Summit?
We want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend our Summit can! Please contact us directly for any questions about financial assistance.

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