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Ramah Philanthropy Initiative Curriculum and Leader's Guide

This curriculum was created by the National Ramah Commission to help Jewish summer camps run philanthropy programs. Created by Abbi Sharofsky, National Coordinator of the Ramah Philanthropy Initiative, commissioned by the National Ramah Commission in May of 2010. The Leader's Guide provides helpful insight and troubleshooting tips for those leading teen philanthropy at camp. A large portion of the Leader's Guide is focused on site visits. The curriculum outlines how to run a teen philanthropy program at camp, and provides handouts, through a 14-session process:

  • Session 1:  Discussing Philanthropy and Tzedakah at Camp
  • Session 2:  Basics of Philanthropy
  • Session 3:  Tzedakah or Philanthropy?
  • Session 4:  Psychology of Giving
  • Session 5:  Mission Statements
  • Session 6:  Preparing for Site Visits
  • Session 7:  Site Visit #1
  • Session 8:  Site Visit #2
  • Session 9:  Universalism vs. Pluralism
  • Session 10:  Building Consensus
  • Session 11:  Preparing for Funding Decision
  • Session 12:  Funding Session
  • Session 13:  Asking for a grant and teaching others
  • Session 14:  Taking RPI Home



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