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JTFN ChangeMakers Online Jewish Values Spinner

Posted on 03/31/20

This resource was developed by JTFN from our new ChangeMakers curriculum (available soon).

Instructions to use the spinner:

  1. Download the Powerpoint file.
  2. When you click to open the file, a dialogue box will appear, click the "read only" button. This will then open the powerpoint.
  3. Click the slideshow button in the menu along the top of the screen and click "from beginning".
  4. This is now in presentation mode so the spinner image will fill your screen. Click the spinner to start and click again to stop (this can be repeated as many times as necessary).
  5. Press "Esc" on your keyboard to exit presentation mode.


This resource is free to download - do not change, adjust or alter in any way.

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