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JTFN provides a resource bank of various material and publications for philanthropy program leaders. To add a resource and share it with our network, please contact us.


Give In Solidarity Learning Series

Published on 09/02/20
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Changemakers90 Downloadable Templates

Published on 08/24/20
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Opening The Dor Application

Published on 08/20/20
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JTFN Long Term Outcome Report 2019

Published on 07/20/20
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Webinar: Family Philanthropy: Bringing Your Children to the Philanthropy Table

Published on 06/17/20
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Amplifier Virtual Pop-Up Giving Circle Resources and JTFN Teen Supplement

Published on 05/11/20
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JTFN Webinar: Granting Ceremonies, Year-End celebrations and Graduations

Published on 04/23/20

JTFN Resource: Online Opening Rituals and Icebreakers

Published on 04/02/20
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