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Pitnick Family Teen Philanthropy Program B'nai Tzedek

Name of Host Organization: 
The Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania
Host Setting: 
Jewish Community Foundation
Program Type: 
Individual Giving Account
Funding Areas: 
Program Description: 

How do we make our children's Bar and Bat Mitzvah the life-changing, meaningful experience that we wish it would be? What can we do, as parents, to give this important rite of passage the sense of being an introduction to life as a responsible Jew and human being? B'nai Tzedek offers an engaging solution. By giving kids the opportunity to be philanthropists, we place into their hands the most valuable Bar and Bat Mitzvah gift we can give them: we help them to put into action the lessons about Tzedakah that they have learned from their families and Jewish Educators.

Program Contact
Ben Chadwell
Work Phone: 
3301 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110 US

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