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Dayton B'nai Tzedek

Name of Host Organization: 
Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton
Host Setting: 
Jewish Federation
Program Type: 
Individual Giving Account
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Sure, we love our games, our phones, our TV’s, our sports and music. We also love our community. And in the midst of all the wonderful things around us, we see hunger, prejudice, homelessness and hopelessness.

We are B’nai Mitzvah!

We want to make a difference. We want to make sure that the work we did to prepare for our special day lasts past our party. We learned about our history and know that it is our obligation to work to make the world a better place. Here’s how we’re doing it – we joined the Dayton B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program here at our DJCC. We want you to join us, too.

Your B’Nai Tzedek Fund

Let’s say your name is Sarah. When you join, you create a new philan­thropic fund called the Sarah B’nai Tzedek Fund. You start the fund with a contribution of $180 or more, and generous donors through the Dayton Jewish Federation Foundation will give your fund another $320. So, the Sarah Fund has at least $500.

Then, once a year, you will pick a qualified charity and recommend a donation of 5% from the fund. As time goes by, you can contribute more to your fund. The more the fund grows the more tzedakah you get to give each year. The really great thing about starting a fund is that YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE MONEY TO DONATE……YOU ONLY GIVE AWAY 5% OF THE INTEREST THE FUND IS EARNING. Look at this as a winning tze­dakah investment.

Where does the money for your tzedakah fund come from?

From your Bar/Bar Mitzvah gifts, from babysitting, or even birthday and Chanukah gifts. This is a chance to make a real difference, and you don’t need a lot of money to do it.

What else will I get to do besides make my annual gift?

There are many different opportunities for involvement in the B’nai Tzedek Program. You will meet other teens who want to help change the world—one person at a time.

Will B’nai Tzedek help me get my fund started?

Of course we will! Besides adding $320 to your established fund, we have suggestions of ways you can ask others to help you get started with your lifelong commitment to philanthropy.

How do I decide where to give my annual donation?

This is an opportunity for you to learn about the amazing non- profit agencies working to meet the needs of the world’s community. Throughout the year you will discover that there are many, many charities that could use your help and through B’nai Tzedek, you’ll learn how to find the ones that are the best match for you as a philanthropist.

What happens to my B’nai Tzedek Fund when I graduate high school?

This is your fund and, as long as you keep adding to the fund and making annual donations from it, you can continue to make tzedakah gifts from it for the rest of your life!

Program Contact
Hillary Zappin
Work Phone: 
525 Versailles Drive
Dayton, OH 45459 US

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