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Rose Youth Foundation

Year Founded: 
Name of Host Organization: 
Rose Community Foundation
Host Setting: 
Program Type: 
Teen Foundation
Funding Areas: 
Program Description: 

Rose Youth Foundation is a diverse group of 23 Jewish students grades 10 through 12 who want to use their Jewish values and the tools of strategic philanthropy to make a real difference in our community. Rose Youth Foundation is a youth-led program. The members of Rose Youth Foundation identify community issues, set funding priorities and meet with nonprofit organizations in order to determine how they can use grantmaking as a tool to create positive change. In 2001, Rose Community Foundation created Rose Youth Foundation in order to: 

  • empower Jewish youth with the tools and resources to solve problems in their communities through the practice of strategic philanthropy.
  • provide youth the opportunity to explore Jewish teachings and traditions in the context of contemporary issues and community service.
  • broaden and deepen participants’ connections to Judaism and to one another and create connections across the denominational spectrum of Judaism.
Program Contact
Sarah Indyk, Director of Special Projects
Work Phone: 
600 S. Cherry Street, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80246-1712 US

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