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Mitzvah of Valuing Philanthropy

Year Founded: 
Name of Host Organization: 
Vancouver Talmud Torah Elementary School
Host Setting: 
Day School
Program Type: 
Teen Foundation
Funding Areas: 
Global, Israel, Local, National
Program Description: 

Our  Grade 7 students become B’nei Mitzvah and learn about their responsibilities to the community and the world around them. The culmination of their Tikkun Olam learning happens with the Mitzvah of Valuing Philanthropy (MVP) program. Through acts of tzedekah and hesed, the students learn in a hands-on way what it means to become a caring and responsible adult. During the year, students will select a mitzvah (commandment) of meaning to them, and then research, interview and select an agency that delivers on that mitzvah. They then present the mission and needs of their chosen agency to their classmates. The students subsequently work together to assess the needs and, as a class, decide how to allocate to every agency from their pool of funds. The year culminates in a Ceremony of Giving, as representatives from the chosen agencies come to VTT to receive their grants from the students. Funding for the program comes from the students themselves. Each makes a minimum donation of $250 from B’nei Mitzvah gifts and are encouraged to fundraise for more from family, friends and others. In 2013, the Grade 7 students raised a record $31,000! Since the program began in 2008, more than $120,000 has been raised and distributed to 168 agencies.

Program Contact
Rabbi Tirzah Abraham
Work Phone: 
998 West 26th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G1 CA

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