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Professional Development

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JTFN webinars are designed to broaden our understanding of the core elements of Jewish teen philanthropy. Over the coming months, we'll feature expert voices from the Jewish, philanthropy, and youth worlds, offering new perspectives on topics closely related to our work.

Watch the recording of our Kick-Off Webinar HERE.


What are Roundtables?

JTFN Roundtables are a new format for online learning, combining larger conversations with smaller Chevruta (working groups). Roundtables are an opportunity to learn from peers and experts in the field of Jewish teen philanthropy around shared interests, program elements, best practices, challenges, and creating community ties. By utilizing the "breakout room" feature on our online platform, Zoom, we will connect on a shared topic all together and then break out into smaller affinity groups to continue the conversations in a more personal setting.

How do the Roundtables meet?
  • Online meet-ups that are facilitated by the JTFN staff.
  • We love putting a face to name – our Roundtables meet using Zoom, an online video chat system.
  • All Roundtables are Wednesdays at 2 PM
    November 28, 2018
    January 9, 2019
    February 13, 2019
    April 10, 2019
    May  8, 2019

Let us know that you’re interested in participating!

Mentoring Program

What is the mentoring program?

The JTFN Mentoring Program is a way for us to help professionals who would like extra support, learn from those who have been working in the field, and use first-hand experiences to advance the field of Jewish teen philanthropy. We match up veteran program leaders with those who would like to know more about the field, or need specific help in particular areas of Jewish teen philanthropy. We do our best to align our matches according to criteria which best suit your needs: by geographic location, organization type, program size or nature of program… whichever will help you learn and help your program!

Why be a mentor?
  • You would like to share your expertise with others - you understand the realm of Jewish teen philanthropy from the “front line”!
  • You would like to help grow the field of Jewish teen philanthropy.
  • You can share best practices and look at the field through fresh eyes… you might gain a new perspective.
Why be a mentee?
  • Gain help and support from someone who has experience in running a teen philanthropy program.
  • Share resources, ideas and best practices.
  • Receive unbiased advice from someone outside your immediate work circle.
  • Get face/phone time one-on-one with someone who “gets it”.
Criteria for being a mentor:
  • You have at least 3 years of experience running a Jewish teen philanthropy program (teen foundation, individual giving program, etc).
  • You are willing to phone/skype/conference with your mentee at least three times in the year (how and when is up to you!)
Criteria for being a mentee:
  • You are new to this field and would like advice on starting a new program.
  • You would like extra help and support, on a more personal level, with your existing program.
What is the commitment for the mentor and mentee?
  • Be willing to share your experiences, best practices, oys and joys!
  • Agree to connect with each other around 3 times during the year. 
  • Mentors: be available (within reason!) to answer quick questions from your mentee, via email or another method you prefer.

Content, Conferences & Consultation

JTFN gathers and shares resources from over 100 Jewish teen philanthropy programs throughout North America. Using JTFN's resource bank, Jewish teen philanthropy professionals can pull together the program materials that work best for their specific community. Our current resources are available here. 

We recognize the importance of bringing the field together in person. JTFN hosts a conference for Jewish teen philanthropy professionals biannually. Our most recent conference in June 2016 brought together more than 90 Jewish educators, professionals, and funders. Stay tuned for information about our next conference. 

With the knowledge of hundreds of Jewish teen philanthropy programs and years of experience in helping Jewish institutions launch new programs, the staff of JTFN guides professionals and lay leaders through the process of starting their own Jewish teen philanthropy program. If you are interested in program consultation, or you would like to learn directly from another program leader, contact us at