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Opening The Dor

The Jewish Teen Funders Network is seeking communities to be part of a grandparent and teen philanthropy education program. JTFN will be accepting up to FIVE communities to be part of this pilot.


The program will engage grandparents in building relationships with teens and becoming more active participants in shared Jewish community practices and activities. Established Jewish teen philanthropy programs will engage returning participants/alumni in learning and exploration sessions, culminating in a teen-run giving circle experience for grandparents/seniors in their community. The program will focus on storytelling, heritage, shared history, family traditions, legacy, philanthropy and Jewish giving.

JTFN will provide:

  • 4-6 hours of curriculum to be used as part of your experience for returning teens to your philanthropy programming, including all resources and tools (for online implementation). 
  • Full instructions for a short-form giving experience to be facilitated by teens for the grandparents/seniors.
  • Online training session for professionals (December 2020 or January 2021).
  • A discussion guide for all grandparents/seniors in your community to engage in practices and engagement with younger generations that reflect Jewish life, community, family tradition and heritage. 
  • $750 grant which can be used for program expenses and/or for a grantmaking pool.

Criteria for successful applicants:

  • A community with an existing Jewish teen philanthropy program that has a cohort/group of returning teens (teens will need to have experienced at least one cycle of the grantmaking process).
  • A dedicated staff member for the philanthropy program who must attend the online training session in December 2020 or January 2021.
  • The delivery of the program must be completed by September 1, 2021. The program can take place within the academic year, over the summer of 2021 or a combination of both.
  • Access and communication channels to the seniors/grandparents in the community.
  • Complete an evaluation after the program is completed.
  • An ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Host organization must hold a 501(c)3 status.

Application submission procedure:

Please submit the application form to Danielle Segal (Senior Program Manager, JTFN) by September 30, 2020. Applicants will be notified about acceptance status by October 20, 2020.


For any questions contact Danielle Segal (Senior Program Manager, JTFN)


This program was made possible with the generous
support of the Sephardic Foundation On Aging