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2017 with JTFN

As we approach the end of 2017, we reflect on what we have achieved, and plan for what’s about to come. As the new Director of the Jewish Teen Funders Network, these reflections are crucial to how our organization moves forward during this time of change and transition. Over the past two months, I have visited a number of our Foundation Board Incubators, as well as participated in a range of Jewish teen philanthropy programs. I am inspired and energized by the professionals in the field as well as the teens who have demonstrated a genuine and conscious commitment to social change and stepping up as leaders. As I take the role of Director and lead our organization into 2018, our team is excited about developing a new strategic direction which will support and amplify our work in the field of teen philanthropy.

Our infographic below demonstrates our reach and success of 2017, and I am excited to build on this success in 2018.

As always, our funders and program partners continue to be our stronghold on which we are able to leverage significant change and advancement of Jewish teen giving. Thus in thanking and acknowledging them for our achievements, I know they continue to be committed to the scale of opportunities that lay ahead.



Wayne K. Green
Director of the Jewish Teen Funders Network

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