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JTFN History

Since 2006, JTFN continues to grow and strengthen the field of Jewish teen philanthropy.

Recognizing the potential of teen philanthropy to empower and educate teens about effective philanthropy and Jewish values, several visionary leaders came together in 2001 to determine how best to support this emerging field. Over the subsequent years, and with support of the Jewish Funders Network, they organized a series of workshops, conference calls, and planning meetings to develop a shared vision and strategic plan for the future of Jewish teen philanthropy.

In April 2006, JFN and several other organizations sponsored a Jewish teen philanthropy conference that brought together over 150 teen participants in Denver, Colorado. Building on the success of the conference, Barbara Gervis Lubran, Ricky Shechtel, and the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation joined together to create the Jewish Teen Funders Network (JTFN) to grow and strengthen the field of Jewish teen philanthropy. Today, JTFN is the only national initiative dedicated to engaging Jewish teens in hands-on grantmaking.

For deeper look into this history of JTFN and Jewish teen philanthropy, please read Jewish Youth Philanthropy: An Interpretive History of Our First Decade by Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett.