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URJ Youth Webinar: Engaging Our Teens in Soulful, Jewish Moments

January 30, 2018

Third Party Event

Join us as we utilize the Developmental Relationship Framework to analyze, and then brainstorm new tools to fully engage our teens in soulful moments of rich Jewish meaning and connection. We all know that relationships matter, let’s together dive into this framework to learn why some interactions matter more than others.

Rachel Kessler writes, "What is the quality of relationships that nourish the soul of students? Whether it is a relationship to one's own self, to others, or to the world, the experience of a deep connection arises when there is a profound respect, a deep caring, and a quality of "being with" that honors the truth of each participant in the relationship. Young people are crying out to be seen and heard so that they, in turn, can take in the world through learning, loving, and serving."

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