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Roundtable - May 8

May 8, 2019

JTFN Roundtables are a new format for online learning, combining larger conversations with smaller Chevruta (working groups). Roundtables are an opportunity to learn from peers and experts in the field of Jewish teen philanthropy around shared interests, program elements, best practices, challenges, and creating community ties. By utilizing the “breakout room” feature in an online platform, we will connect on a shared topic together and then break out into smaller affinity groups to continue the conversations in a more personal setting.   

At this Roundtable, we will be discussing Program Evaluations. Whether it is for participants, parents, virtually or on paper, we want to evaluate our evaluations.

In order to foster a greater sense of community, we highly recommend attending the meeting using a webcam. If this is not possible, there are options to dial in as well or you may consider downloading the zoom app on your phone. If you need a little help in the tech support department, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Register for the Roundtable here.