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Jewish Identity and the Complexities of Multiple Belongings

March 3, 2020

Third Party Event

Webinar presented by Facing History And Ourselves

What does it mean to be a “hyphenated American”? What tensions can arise when we are asked to classify our identities? What is the relationship between our Jewish identities and our American identities? 

In American Creed, David Kennedy discusses the changing attitudes towards what he calls “hyphenated Americans” (Italian-American, Irish-American, Jewish-American, etc.). Join us as we explore how the changing attitudes towards multiple identities hold today in America. During this webinar, you will: 

  • Learn practical tools and strategies to encourage students to explore their Jewish identities and consider how they coexist with their identities as Americans.
  • Increase your ability to facilitate respectful classroom discussions on difficult issues such as racism, antisemitism, and other forms of exclusion in a way that invites personal reflection and critical analysis.

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