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Camp Philanthropy Program

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Think Outside the Tzedakah Box

The JTFN Camp Philanthropy Program, "Think Outside the Tzedakah Box," brings the power and impact of hands-on philanthropy to Jewish summer camp. As a central resource for Jewish teen philanthropy, JTFN provides camps with staff trainingsa program guide and resources, and on-going support during the summer. Since the summer of 2007, 49 Jewish summer camps have participated in this program.

In this program, Jewish summer camps create a Jewish teen foundation where teenage campers work together as a “foundation board,” giving away real money to non-profit organizations of their choosing. In this educational program, over the course of 15-20 hours, teens:

  1. explore Jewish values and tzedakah
  2. create a mission statement
  3. learn about grantmaking and the non-profit sector
  4. review grant proposals and go on site visits
  5. make consensus-based grant decisions
  6. celebrate and share the grantmaking process with the full camp community

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